Headstone dedication ceremony for 9-year-old Dericka Lindsey

Pensacola, FL (WKRG) – A special headstone dedication ceremony Friday at the graveside of 9-year-old Dericka Lindsay.

Authorities say Lindsay’s 325-pound cousin, Veronica Posey, sat on her as a form of punishment in October of 2017 and suffocated her.

The mother of one of Lindsay’s classmates collected 14-hundred dollars so the child’s grave at Resthaven Gardens Cemetery would have a headstone.

"A lot of people loved Dericka. She had a happy smile on her face..and she would always come up to me at school and any other parent there and go..’Hi Mrs. Bellas’ and give us a big hug and a big kiss and she was always so affectionate," said Chris Bellas.

It meant a lot to Bellas for children who visit the grave to see that Lindsay mattered.

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