3 escaped inmates captured in Hinesville

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) – Three prisoners have been arrested in Hinesville after they escaped from a private transport vehicle around 7:45 p.m. Thursday in Richmond Hill.

Police say the prisoners ran behind the TA gas station at Highway 17 and Interstate 95. They say the driver for the prison transport company stopped for gas and food when the suspects made their run.

Police identified the suspects as 26-year-old Sean Henley and 37-year-old Hope Rogers, who also goes by Hope Arment. She was arrested in Pensacola, Fl., with Henley on May 8.

Stewart Cottingham of the Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force says that Arment was the first prisoner captured while walking down Sandy Run Drive. That led to locating Henley and Cox, who were found hiding in a dumpster of a nearby apartment complex.

The three were taken into custody with incident. Police believe they were being transported to Tennessee.

“We were feeling a little nervous about it. There was a lot of Facebook chatter. Of course, we had our protection at home, made sure that the kids were comfortable with what was going on,” said RJ Mariano, who lives in Piercefield neighborhood.

Piercefield neighborhood is just one of the neighborhoods police say they searched when the inmates initially escaped.

“We have five kids at home, so just the communicating as to what’s going on, and having them feel safe. We kept all the lights on. I made sure that my shotgun was locked and loaded, and ke[t the doors locked,” he said.

Mariano says things like this don’t happen often in Richmond Hill. As for his daughter, Isabella, she’s just happy the inmates were captured.

Meanwhile, Richmond Hill Lt. Brad Sykes says it was all hands on deck, even calling in other departments to help, but with very little information on the escaped prisoners and their backgrounds. Sykes says that made the search that much harder.

“Our first thought is ‘what’s their intent?’ Initially, we thought it was just to get away, but who knows what they may do to get away; stealing a car or hurting somebody. We want to prevent any of that from happening," he said.

“Of course, our number one priority is keeping our community safe, so we had to do everything we can do to try to locate those subjects because we didn’t now what their intent was.”

Georgia State Patrol, Department of Natural Resources, Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, Bryan County Sheriff’s Office, and Chatham County Sheriff’s Office were all contacted to assist the Richmond Hill Police Department. K-9 units and a drone have also been used.

Escaped inmates captured in Hinesville

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